Code of Conduct


HR Planning acknowledge that confidential proprietary information such as, customer lists, pricing data, supplier lists, market information, etc may be supplied by the measured entity during the verification process.  This information is subject to a reasonable effort by HR Planning to keep such information covert and confidential.

HR Planning may be at the liberty to disclose a measured entity’s final verification result / status, without compromising the confidential evidence / information supporting such an outcome as per Government Notice 776, on the B-BBEE Act (No 53 of 2003).

Should any confidential information of a measured entity be made available to other parties (e.g. SANAS), the measured entity shall be notified prior to making such information available.


HR Planning will remain objective during the verification process, by evaluating the evidence collected in an unbiased manner and uncompromised by external or internal influences.


The B-BBEE verification process shall be carried out by a B-Degree Verification Analyst with the proper knowledge of BEE legislation and practice.  No assumptions on future events may be made by the Verification Analyst, certificates shall relate only to the circumstances at the time of signature.


HR Planning takes full responsibility for carrying out a factual, thorough evaluation of any given measured entity’s B-BBEE status and, based on the result, for granting a B-BBEE score.

Resolution of complaints

All complaints and appeals lodged by any given measured entity will be addressed in an appropriate and reasonable manner.  Evaluations in response to complaints and appeals will be given in the form of written feedback to the measured entity within 30 days.