B-BBEE Verification Services

HR Planning is a B-BBEE Verification Agency that conducts BEE audits and produces valid and reliable B-BBEE certificates, scorecards and reports.

The verification process is based on the principles of Broad-Based BEE Codes of Good Practice and gazetted industry charters published and accepted as a Sector Code of Good Practice on Broad-Based BEE (Section 9 of the Act).

The verification process shall include the evaluation of the relevant BBBEE elements, during which HR Planning as a Verification Agency shall assess the BEE transactions / scenarios to determine the effective creation and /or enhancement of economic wealth for black people.

A BEE Verification Audit may include but is not limited to information meetings, planning meetings, examination of the measured entity’s audited financial documents and follow-up of non-conformities, by means of on-site visits to the measured entity.

HR Planning will at all times undertake to add value during the verification visits pertaining to opportunities for improvement.

B-BBEE service solutions that we offer:

  • B-BBEE Pre-audit on your current status
  • Procurement analysis
  • Generic B-BBEE training to optimise your B-BBEE strategy
  • B-BBEE verification during on-site audits
  • Issuing SANAS accredited B-BBEE certificates and reports for Generic and Qualifying Small Enterprises
  • Sector Code B-BBEE verifications and issuing of Specific Sector Code B-BBEE certificates and reports